A Bilingual Approach

Many studies have demonstrated the different benefits of bilingualism from an early age, particularly on social abilities but especially on the acquisition of learning in the long term.

In order to allow the child to understand the first principles of English, to discover the Anglo-Saxon culture, and to become familiar from an early age with bilingualism, the BABY PRESCHOOL micro-crèche offers activities in French and English.

As a result, some team members speak only French to children while others speak only English throughout the day.

Thus, the child will associate at least 2 senses at once: sight and hearing.

This approach allows for ideal language acquisition. It is through play and playful interaction that the child takes pleasure in learning and understanding English.

Daily bilingual activities include :

Reading stories or tales
Listening to songs or nursery rhymes, mimes
Interactive games built around the recognition of music and sounds
Discovering popular holidays like Saint Patrick
The use of image to develop a basic vocabulary: animals, means of transport, colors ...
The discovery of different kinds of food : The Menu and the Snack of the day
We are also lucky to be able to enjoy the benefits of music played on the guitar and singing at the same time.