Our Educational

Bilingual Approach

Many studies have demonstrated the different benefits of bilingualism from an early age, particularly on social abilities but especially on the acquisition of learning in the long term.

In order to allow the child to understand the first principles of English, to discover the Anglo-Saxon culture, and to become familiar from an early age with bilingualism, the BABY PRESCHOOL micro-crèche offers activities in French and English

Montessori Approach

The educational axes implemented contribute to the development and awakening of the child :

Respect for the rhythm and individuality of each child in order to allow them to fulfill themselves from an individual point of view while respecting their rhythm in physical and psychological security ;

Support towards their socialization and openness to the world ;

Learning autonomy.

Eco-Responsible Approach

Respect of the environment is at the heart of the BABY PRESCHOOL micro-crèche project.

We want to make children active in their relationship with the environment through daily play and learning activities in the nursery.