Our Team

The members of the team responsible for the reception of the child and their family are made up of Early Childhood professionals whose number and qualifications are determined by the regulations in force: a Pediatric Nurse, an educator of young children (EJE) and 2 bilingual CAP Early Childhood.

They ensure a continuous presence with the children in order to provide them with the physical and psychological well-being they need.

To complete the team, a MONTESSORI educator, an AMI graduate, works with the children every morning.



President of Baby Preschool Micro-crèche.

She ensures the proper functioning of the structure and the staff depends on her at the hierarchical level.


Pediatric nurse & Technical Referent

“A pediatric nurse for 8 years in different hospital services.

I have the chance in 2019 to join the Baby Preschool team and thus to support children and their families. Since then, I have ensured in collaboration with the team and the management that the children are welcome in a family and safe environment.”


Bilingual Early Childhood Facilitator

“Holder of an Early Childhood CAP.

I have in the past the opportunity to work in different early childhood care structures (municipal nursery, baby club,…) and in nursery schools.

In 2016, I spent a year in the United States as an au pair to take care of two children aged 2 and 4 full time which allowed me to improve my English and in Baby Preschool micro-crèche for 3 years now.

I can combine my pleasure of working with children and my passion for the English language.”


Montessori Educator

“Montessori educator, trained at the Institut Supérieur Maria Montessori (ISMM affiliated with AMI)

I have devoted my professional life for 11 years to providing this pedagogy in nursery or / and kindergarten classes.

Having joined Baby Preschool in 2020, with the support of the team and the children, we live this pedagogy, not as an applied theory, but by ensuring and remaining attentive to the needs of each of the children in order to meet the better at the different stages of their psychological and motor development.”


Native Bilingual Early Childhood Facilitator

“I had my Bachelors Degree in Philippine Normal University in Manila and teach preschool for three years. After that, I moved to Singapore to broaden my teaching and professional skills.

I teach preschool there for the past three years. And now, I am settling here in France with the desire to combine these experiences for the benefit of the children. I love playing guitar and ukulele.

I also like painting and arts. We will surely discover and experiment with colours in a fun way. I love travelling and discovering new cultures. We will have opportunities to learn diversity.”


EJE apprentice - 3rd year

“My name is Audrey and I have been working at Baby Preschool since May 2020.

I am learning to prepare for the Early Childhood Educator Diploma. I also hold the early childhood CAP.

Developing the child’s autonomy, language and helping them grow are my daily goals.

I use a lot of books and songs for this which are always very successful.”


EJE apprentice - 1st year

“I graduated from BAFA and a Master 1 of Management of Sanitary Companies and Social.

Passionate about the world of children. I volunteered in kindergarten Montessori class, I was able to make a solidarity project in a school in Cambodia, working in an outdoor center and in protective structures of childhood.

Scout for 12 years, I love to rejuvenate and spend time outdoors. I am sensitive to preservation of our beautiful nature.

Every day, children experience a multitude of new adventures where everything is to be discovered. I want to support children in their discoveries with benevolence, understanding and respect for the needs and their rhythm. I think that a child who evolves in an environment where he/she feels confident will want to dare to experiment and to learn.”


EJE Educator

“My name is Marguerite-Marie and I started to work at the nursery from January the 2nd of 2020.

I practiced the profession of Educator of young children for two years at Annecy in a nursery of 60 then 24 cradles.

Then I took a 3 months trip on Compostela which eventually led me into the warm northern region.

I really like books and intends to share it with you. I am keen to develop a complicity with each child in their speaking in positive words, as well as to fill their tank so that the rules are assimilated in all serenity.

I took an internship on the basics of Non-Violent Communication and I appreciate enormously the work of Céline Alvarez which is inspired by the work of Maria Montessori.

Looking forward to meeting you, see you soon.”