An Eco-Responsible

Respect of the environment is at the heart of the BABY PRESCHOOL micro-crèche project.

We want to make children active in their relationship with the environment through daily play and learning activities in the nursery :

Use of natural materials: branches, leaves, shells, flour, etc.

This is an opportunity to practice Land Art, to sharpen their sense of observation and their creativity with what surrounds them.

From time to time, we have them make bouquets of wild flowers that we showcase in a vase at the nursery.

Use of recycled materials: plastic bottle, corks, egg carton, cardboard boxes, etc.

For example : Making flags with recycled wrapping paper / chimney with diaper boxes and recycled wallpaper.

Waste sorting and recovery activities to raise awareness about recycling :

When we have cardboard and / or plastic waste, this is an opportunity to educate children about sorting.

We have three bins: everything, cardboard and plants (the compost is made in the nursery garden).

During and after the meal, children are invited to put the waste themselves in the table-top bin and / or the general-purpose bin, moved for the occasion, in the dining room.

Recovery Games :

Games collected in number, but in a single copy (1 single motorcycle, 1 single car, 1 single tractor, 1 single stroller, etc.), allow us to encourage the child towards sharing, patience, the dialogue to have the expected game.

This is possible thanks to the supervision ratio higher than the minimum recommended by the PMI, allowing professionals to be psychically available to put words and provide solutions when the child expresses unpleasant emotions for him.

Outdoor area of the Nursery :

Construction of a garden with vegetable plots

A wooden slope, going from the terrace to the grassy space

Allows children the long experience of descent and ascent, by the four-legged, for young people, simply by walking, but also by rolling games.

The side barriers allowing the acquirers of the walk to stand.

Observation of nature (leaves, flowers but also insects) :

It is by knowing nature and learning to observe it that one then wants to protect and take care of it.

Concrete observation of the weather :

The fact of having a balcony which protects us from the rain, above the terrace, allows professionals to observe the different climates, by touch, the feeling on the skin, the hearing: snow, hailstones, rain, wind, thunderstorm, observation of the trees around us, their leaf color according to the seasons, the branches that move according to the force of the wind.

Hiding places can be improvised to shelter from the rain, during downpours….

A framework allowing the discovery of the elements of nature, on a daily basis.

Eco-responsibility also involves a specific choice of products used in the Nursery :

Use as much as possible of "homemade" natural cleaning products

Furniture and games in wood or recyclable material

The daily practices of professionals are also oriented in this direction: the water from the dryer is used to water the plants and in winter it is recycled for the household.